Uppu Huli Khara

Uppu Huli Khara (ಉಪ್ಪು ಹುಳಿ ಖಾರ) is a Kannada film written and directed by Imran Sardhariya, produced by M. Ramesh under the banner Tejeshwini Enterprises.










Story - Screenplay - Choreography & Direction:

Imran Sardhariya


M. Ramesh Reddy


Judah Sandhy

Prajwal Pai

Kishore Aksa


Niranjan Babu

Editor: Deepu S Kumar | Art: Shiva Kumar | Dialogues: A P Arjun | Action: Different Dany - Jolly Bastin - Mass Maada | Costume Designer: Saniya Sardhariya | Yograj Bhat - Dr.V.Nagendra Prasad - Ghouse Peer - Manju Mandavya - S Swamy - R.Abhishek - Swamiji Rao (Hyderabad) - Raghu Subramanyam - B.Shashidhara - Mahesh Nimbennu - Nagendra - Ajay Kumar


The story revolves around a bank robbery and the hunt to find the culprits. Story takes comical twists and turns when the investigating officer is left on wild goose chase. The plot thickens when the investigating officer gets an anonymous call from a girl. The girl reveals the identity and details of three boys who have committed the crime. The investigating officer arrests three youth under suspicion. The Young boys being Vijay Suriya a medical aspirant, Sharath a police aspirant and Dhananjay a Fast-food supplier. The investigating officer faces pressure as this case creates huge momentum on digital media, news rooms and dailies, huge debates and Speculations breaks out. The media attention catches the eyes of the local MLA and other politician who in turn starting interfering in the investigation. Will the investigating officer get to the bottom of the crime, are the boys the real criminals and what happens to the stolen assets of the bank.

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